Snakes in the Undergrowth

by (io)

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The 6 songs on this album were released on Soundcloud separately from 2011 to 2013. Most of the material was written in 2009-10, and the original idea was to release it as a full-length album. At the time, it felt much less daunting to work one song at a time and make each one its own digital release. The songs appear together for the first time here.


released June 1, 2013

Kyle Rightley- vocals, guitars, keyboards, programming, euphonium
Vanessa Anderson- guest vocals on "Bell-Casters"



all rights reserved


(io) Madison, Wisconsin

(io) is the progressive/ electronic side project of Madison musician Kyle Rightley.

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Track Name: Mirrorsong
Hour four:
A clicking clock ticks in the corner of a tall, narrow room.
A flickering candle lights up this tall, narrow room.
A mirror hangs on the north wall,
a mirror hangs on the south wall.
They keep each other's secrets, just like old friends.

Judas in the cupboard and Mary in the sink.
It's less than you think, but it's good enough to bring me back home.

Hour five:
Last night I dreamt of a beautiful house on a lake.
A rowboat was tethered down to a small wooden dock.
And the sunlight on the waves,
it looked just like a mirror,
or an overexposed photograph of old friends.

Daughters, like the day, will dance forever in our hearts.
Sons will fall apart and the space they leave behind, we call home.

You can't do what you want but what you want can do you
can't do what you want but what you want can do you can't
do what you want but what you want can do you can't,
no you can't do that.

We tried to live the waking life, but it bored us back to sleep.
Well, rigor my mortis! The tortoise is coming back home.

Track Name: Serpentes
Hey white boy, Dracula is thirsting for you.
You try to be slick, but you slip into his icicle fangs.
You'd get away with murder 'cause the juror is all hung and dried,
strung out, hands tied.
Don't fly too high, amigo.
Your eyes are looking like dried fruit,
that suit you're wearing costs more than every single
high-class whore on the streets of Babylon.
Don't you babble on about your free train ticket to heaven's mouth.
We've heard it all before, hipster Columbus,
so let me show you to the door.

We know the rate of moral decay,
we see it every day.
We know where the children play,
and where the rapists lie in wait.

I won't wait.

Hey Crazy Horse, your ghost is looking for you.
It's searching through the ashes and guilt and the library stacks.
The facts are all there, but the names have been changed
and the fingerprints all washed away.
Those chains are getting tighter
'round the neck of Mother Justice, lying gagged in the trunk of the car.
You know who you are.
You drive as far away as you can
before the gas in the tank turns to snakes.
You awake in a state in the Painted Desert, cold and raw.
And something's watching you from afar.

Don't waste our time with this tripe.
Our audience needs to be shown how to find
the appropriate places to laugh,
and the proper way to dry their eyes,
dry their eyes.

Snakes in the undergrowth of human ambition.
Track Name: Statues
This is one to help you sleep,
turn your life into a dream.
But take too much, and you will fade right off the screen.

This one will help you through the day,
help you think all of those bad thoughts away.
Over time, all of those blues will fade to gray.

Wash away the stars,
fill the void with emptiness.
Why don't we turn our loved ones into statues?
Why don't we turn our problems into chisels?
What's the difference?
There's a hurt they never see.

Take this one to stay relaxed.
Come Friday night, you'll meet with friends and share some laughs.
Laughing all the way as you watch your world collapse.

Burn away the sun,
and spread the ashes everywhere.
Why don't we dance into the void?
Why don't we kiss the infant apocalypse?
What's the difference?
There's a heart they never see.

And so you measure all the pain,
you melt it down and build a statue to remind yourself
not to go down that road again.

You have to lose yourself so you can find yourself.

So let's continue this facade,
pretend the problems don't exist.
Until the silence lures us into loveless bliss.
Track Name: The Bell-Casters Must Dig Too
I've never been one to walk the straight line,
strayed from the main road in search of a sign.
Listen to the crying rain.

Music is whispered by some distant voice.
I try to listen through all this white noise.
Listen to the crying rain.

And I don't know if I'll find the will
to keep fighting my way up the hill,
and I can't help but feel
I've got a long way to go,
down such an uncertain road.
I've got a long way to go.

One day, you'll find the suffering was all in your mind.
Set yourself free, and be what you've been meant to be all this time.
There will be days when comfort seems so far away,
but remember this:
Tomorrow only grows of what you plant today.

Sometimes I wonder if this is all worthwhile,
playing the same bar and faking the same smile.
Listen to the dancing flames.

I'm misrepresenting myself here, you know.
And I need a drink just to get through the show.
Listen to the dancing flames.

And they say that a life in the arts
is a life of left turns and false starts.
And in my heart of hearts,
I know I've got a long way to go
down such an uncertain road.
I've got a long way to go.


This life is only a life.
This mind is only a mind.
Into the breech of the night,
follow your fire and find what you will find.
This soul is only a soul.
This body only a shell.
But love is much more than love.
Love is the tower that holds aloft the bell.

Dream into the liquid night.
Though your road may be unclear, your soul is defined.

Track Name: Solar Love
And I'll be the strong one, the helping hand and the guiding light.
A shoulder to lean on,
I'll protect you in the dark and hold you 'til you feel alright.

And so many lost souls tonight, like comets red-shifted right out of space.
Seeking Leary's sanctuary, wayward and homesick.
These are the digital children clinging to the record store age.

From the night we first connected,
it seems like nothing's ever been the same.
Like the sun sees its reflection inside a flame.
I need that sense of connection,
that solar love that burns up the pain.

And you'll be the dreamer. Dream right on through the starry night.
And if you need to wake up, I will be there to help you
adjust to the light.
Without fear, we fly. Without fear, we can do anything.
Without fear, a new age has begun,
like lovers in heaven's cocoon.


The song is the journey, baby.
The song is alive.
The song is the drone escaping the nameless hive.
Your ego is drowning, baby.
But don't fear the storm.
Sometimes you need to die inside to be reborn.

I'll be a reminder:
you are not an island.