Osirian Storms

by (io)

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this is not goodbye she said / goodbye is a conception / goodbye is not goodbye

io / osirian storms

conceived, recorded, and revised 12/07 - 8/09 in the spaces between
(sleeping / waking)
(fear / hope)
(lost / found)


released September 25, 2009

k rightley - electric and acoustic guitars, voices, euphonium, trombone, keyboards, programming



all rights reserved


(io) Madison, Wisconsin

(io) is the progressive/ electronic side project of Madison musician Kyle Rightley.

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Track Name: Back to Bed
Every wasted day I wear like a chain around my neck.
I measured life with coffee spoons, but I spilled it on the deck.
And looking out my window, I see the world is a fucking wreck.
I'd sooner die than deal with you people,
so I guess I'll go back to bed.

She does her best to hold two jobs and barely keeps the children fed.
And she's the first to feel it when he chases the white dragon into red.
But he says if she calls the cops, he's gonna fill her up with lead.
The day is all bruises and tears,
but in the night they go back to bed.

'Cause the world ain't all it was meant to be.
That connection that we all seek, well it's only vanity.
And I fear all the shadows in hearts I cannot see.
And I need to know, is this all that's left for me?

A widow flips through photographs and tries to spark something in her head.
But after all these years have passed, she just can't find the tears that she once shed.
And though she hates herself for it,
she's more alive now that he is dead.
After all the love that she'd invested,
he just went back to bed.
Track Name: Distant
There's a rope that ties my heart to some vague memory,
some distant decaying fortress overgrown with weeds.
We used to be beautiful, so beautiful.

So the days are gray as any now and ever were,
the crumbling ruin a monument of our sepulcher.
Two distant moons, two vacant worlds.

Reconnect the pieces, a fractured life remade.
Reconstruct the bridges to souls you turned away.

Now I keep you locked in frozen corners of my mind.
You're drifting ever farther backwards into time.
We are so distant, so distant.

Reconnect the pieces, a fractured life remade.
Reconstruct the bridges to souls you turned away.
Trapped inside your memory,
you only see what you want to see.
Blinded by the pain you caused them,
let them be now, set them free now.

Long ago, a boy and his friend
climbed down into a canyon on the slippery stone.
The sand was paper and the footsteps were pens,
the trees melted into bears and lions.
A vulture soared in another world,
and dropped a pebble onto a dry creek bed.

The boy picked up the stone and his words
brought twisted sheets of green, green rain.
The canyon drank the lightning in his eyes,
conductor of the skies.

of the skies.

Track Name: Neurasthenic
Drifting through space with your hands on your face, far from home.
After some time, you pretend not to mind life alone.
But every scar leaves its own precious mark on the bone.

Hallucinations of distant relations gone by.
You froze their affection with silent rejection through time.
You smoke the regret in a sad cigarette with a sigh.

Fading away, can't get through.
I have become a memory.
Words I might say, trapped inside.
Wasting away, 'til the body dies.

When you were young, a mute trial had begun in your soul.
And through all these years, all the unspoken fears took their toll.
Betrayed from within as a claw drags you into the hole.


In breakable stillness, your snowsoft back turns forever.
You fade into the lacelight with intent in your stride never to return
to this broken shell.
You don't look back,
and the silence of it all is noise enough.
I hold nothing but the hope that your heart
finds blood to forgive me.
Track Name: Osirian Storms
Last night, another sleepless ordeal.
Hungered and sober and shackled to the real.
After hours of midnight birth and demise,
a thunderstorm without warning tore apart the skies.
Electric fury glowed.
It seemed the night would explode.
The wind was howling my name and I feared I had finally gone insane.
As the lightning segued into dawn,
I heard the sky sing a single song.
And it came by casual epiphany,
that this song would finally set me free.
Track Name: In Zero
Zero in zero, the road is all I will be.

Ever known, your friends at home.
Always there, nor see nor stare.
Nor try to feel, nothing so real.
Forevermore in myth and lore.
In life and death, impending breath.
A silent cry in the night sky.
A siren song in shrouded dawn
lets you know the way to go.

She sits alone in alkaline silence.
She is a statue of herself, the child.

Ever known, your friends at home, always there.
Nothing so real, nor try to feel, nor see nor stare.
Forevermore, in myth in lore, in life and death.
A silent cry in the night sky, impending breath.

Ego and defense, archaic forms
are washed away by Osirian Storms.

Oh no, I've lost myself again,
flying through at light speed.
Don't know if I'll ever comprehend
the way this heart will bleed, bleed.
I've never felt so unprotected.
I've never felt so alone.
And just soon as I've connected,
you're hanging up the phone.

Zero in zero, the road is all I will be.
Track Name: Violet
The frozen lake is the distance between us,
you who were caught so long ago
in the unforgiving ice of age,
and I am waiting on the shoreline.

The poison moonlight distorts your figure,
and the blue ice corrupts my very memory of you.
Your icy rivers are still creaking,
but I cannot speak to you.


So take me home through the saltwater foam.
Keep the lighthouse fires warm
to guide me through, guide me through the storm.

You are so far from me,
but the idea of you is with me like a smooth pebble.
Maybe it would be rougher but for the mindless waters.


Track Name: Not Goodbye
This is not goodbye she said / goodbye is a conception / goodbye is not goodbye
Track Name: Tirenia
The moon shone lightning blue that night,
and shadows danced in circles with the light.
A breeze tracing patterns in the grass
of moments never meant to pass.

And the sweet lilac in the summer air mingled with the fabric of her hair.

Ooh, Tirenia, you know that I would do anything.
Ooh, the rhythm that bends you is a new awakening.

This point in time and space is a pearl.
Some treasure left over from the old world.

And the emerald fire in her eyes could spark life into darkened skies.


Two pages too deep now to summon up your number.
Hit and run a teardrop snake, coiled around the summer.

I thought I was over you.
I thought I was over myself, too.

Ooh, Tirenia, you know that I would be anyone.
Ooh, your heart's gonna send you to a land of rising sun.
Track Name: Driftline Awaken
Talk, please just talk to me.
I know I've been cold before, I'm not like that anymore.
Talk, talk to me.

Hold, just hold on to me.
How grateful I'd share a smile, if just for a little while.
Hold, hold that moment.

Wake from this drifting sleep.
I don't want to go back to bed, I'll stay here with you instead.
Awake, awake.

You, you are so beautiful.
You're an altar to the sun, and my life has just begun
again, again.

The road is all that I will be.
Back on the homeward path, and I'm never looking back.